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Childhood Cancer Research & Assistance Fund (CCRAF) is a non-profit, international organization incorporated in the State of Arizona.  CCRAF is an organization that provides information and assistance to the general public concerning childhood leukemia and other degenerative diseases.  Providing scholarships, through local camp programs, remains a priority in trying to provide children with leukemia and other cancers, a memorable outdoor experience.  In addition, the organization collects, distributes and educates the public about therapies, which have proven healing qualities, with emphasis placed on the treatment and prevention of cancer.  CCRAF also provides support and medical equipment and supplies to other organizations, hospitals, clinics, and the families of leukemia patients.  General assistance is also provided to cancer patients and their families through local support groups.   The programs and services of Childhood Cancer Research Assistance Fund (also known as Childhood Leukemia Research & Assistance Fund) are grounded in supporting research programs, clinics, and hospitals that teach the public about and provide alternative therapies, medical equipment and supplies used in treatment of childhood cancer and other degenerative diseases.

Programs and Services:

Ongoing funding for research and programs that promote and utilize proven therapies in the treatment of childhood cancer and other terminal diseases.  Much needed medical equipment is supplied to hospitals and clinics in the United States and also internationally.  These supplies often mean the difference between life and death for many patients.  Networks with other medical non-profit organizations to increase the awareness of proven therapies for the treatment of leukemia, make it possible to help individuals, especially the children with cancer.  Opportunities for helping individuals, especially the children with cancer are many, but the resources are limited.  CCRAF continues to work with other caring organizations to provide hope for victims of childhood cancer.

Our organization is positioned for the many new opportunities of educating and providing the resources that will be demanded by the many hospitals, clinics, and individuals that have, and work with cancer and leukemia.  Emergency information continues to be provided to victims of cancer so that they will be able to make an informed decision about where and how they will treat their illness.  Ongoing emotional, spiritual, and financial support is also provided whenever possible to victims of leukemia.

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Childhood Cancer Research & Assistance Fund
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Phone:  (480) 773-7760
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